Top 6 Flavorful Asian Cooking Recipes You Need To Try

Asian Cooking Recipes

You’ve come to the correct place if Asian food is your favorite cuisine and you’re searching for some cooking ideas for your kitchen. Discover the many Asian cuisines, which are all known for their outstanding flavors and beautiful colors.

 Rice, ginger, cloves, pumpkin seeds, chilies, and soy founds in many regional cultures. Sauté, steaming, and deep-frying are the most popular cooking techniques for creating Asian cooking recipes.

Moreover, coconut milk used significantly in the rich curries that are the basis of pan-Asian cuisine’s worldwide popularity. So here we describe the top 6 flavor full Asian recipes that you need to try. So check out this recipe and try it.

Asian Cooking Recipes You Need To Try

1. Asian chicken BBQ 

Char Siu sauce and other Asian seasonings marinated in chicken. This BBQ chicken is cooked until crunchy and golden, flavored with honey and vinegar—a great starter for dinner parties that goes well with fried rice.

Combine all the seasoning ingredients in a bowl. Combine the marinated chicken, then set it away for fifteen min. Grill the chicken on both sides in a pan. Add some garlic paste. Serve it with some fried rice.

2. Thai fish curry 

This is A quick and straightforward fish meal and is also delicious. Thai fish curry may be prepared in about 30 to 40 minutes, loaded with richness. You may serve this at lunch or supper celebrations with some fried rice.

Components of Fish fillets that have been marinated in a flavorful Thai green curry sauce and cooked in coconut milk. This delicious Asian cooking recipe gets its tart flavor from lemon juice. With steamed rice, best served hot.

3. Asian slaw

The easiest way to describe Asian slaw is as crunchy, multicolored, and fabulously tasty. Asian slaw is the best because it is loaded with colorful veggies and covered in an attractive sauce.

Chopped cabbage, cucumbers, soybeans, green peppers, and walnuts make up Asian slaw seasoned with onions and coriander. It’s prepared with a rich, sweet, flavorful, and spicy sauce.

Can you visualize consuming all those ingredients in one bite? It has the ideal balance of tastes and textures.

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4. Steamed rice

Most Asian nations, if not all of them, commonly cook using rice. It is the most popular side dish for dishes with beef, soups, and other protein sources. A bowl of steaming rice is a need if you’re organizing an Asian party. Since it could seem difficult, preparation is straightforward.

This recipe provides all the information you need to succeed on your first attempt. First, wash the rice and add some water and salt. I boil it for 15 to 20 minutes. Then add some veggies and serve it.

5. Peanut butter noodles 

These flavorful peanut butter noodles satisfy your need for an Asian cooking recipe. These can be made quickly and easily. You can make this also in regular butter. Sauté cut garlic cloves in heated sesame oil. After turning off the heat, add peanut butter, tomato sauce, and chili sauce.

Sugar, red pepper flakes, and black pepper are now added. Stir occasionally. Add the boiled, regular, or gluten-free noodles and blend thoroughly. Add fried veggies and chopped herbs as a garnish. Serve it with orange juice, and enjoy! 

6. Beijing Beef

This quick stir fry cooked fresh instead of hot, making it even tastier than the original. And you can prepare it quickly and easily on any day. Marinate the beef in a bowl and leave it aside to marinate. Then combine the sauce’s ingredients.

In a wok, add cook beef strips and cornstarch. Steam it. Take all of the oil from the wok except for two teaspoons. Heat up. Add the onion, bell pepper, and ginger. For one minute, stir fry. Add the sauce, stir it, and cook it. Throw in fried beef strips and serve with your chosen rice or veggies.


There are numerous Asian cooking recipes that you attempt at home, and Asian cuisine known for its rich flavors and bright colors. 

The six recipes in this article, including Beijing beef, Asian chicken BBQ, Thai fish curry, Asian slaw, steamed rice, and peanut butter noodles, are all simple to make and filled with flavor. 

These recipes offer a variety of tastes and flavors to satisfy any stomach. These Asian cooking ideas are worth attempting in your kitchen, whether you enjoy spiciness in your curries or sweetness and savoriness in your stir-fries.

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