How To Recycle Brita Filters?

How To Recycle Brita Filters?

A water filter is a must-have. It helps you filter the water you drink to eliminate the many pollutants in it, which is at least something. Using a Brita water filter is one of the best ways to clean your drinking water. 

It’s too bad that your Brita filters don’t last forever. Brita says that you should change your filters every two months. You don’t want to trash the area when you get rid of your old filter. 

Since this is the case, you should try to recycle. Right now, the big question is whether or not Brita maxtra cartridges can be recycled. This article is about recycling bruta filters.

Can Brita water filters be reused?

You might be trapped if you want to get rid of your Brita water filters. People often ask whether or not water filters can be recycled. 

This question comes from the fact that many water filters are made of hard plastic. You should know that this plastic is a “class 5” plastic. Also, many businesses don’t recycle plastics of type “5”.

Also, filters have a lot of dirty things in them. During the recycling process, these contaminants may come into contact with other recyclables, which could hurt them. Because of all these things, it is hard to recycle plastic water filters.

How do they recycle Brita filters? 

Now that you know you can recycle Brita filters, you can do so in some ways. You can take it to a recycling center near you. Any way you look at it, we’ll show you easy ways to recycle.

The first step is to set up your Brita maxtra cartridges so it can be reused. Part of this process is making sure the filter is easy to recycle. Here are the steps to get your filter ready to be recycled.

Let the Brita filter dry in the air for three to six days.

Before recycling your Brita filter, you need to let it dry out first. Make sure to clean your filter with water. After that, put it somewhere with airflow for about three days so it can dry completely. You can leave your filter for almost six days to ensure it is completely dry.

It would also be best if you didn’t try to dry your filter by hand. Not only is it hard to get inside your filter, but it is also dangerous. It would help if you didn’t touch dirty things in your filter.

Clean your filter of any mud or dirt.

Wipe the surface of the filter with clean, dry cotton. If you clean the filter of dirt and mud, its impurities won’t get on other things you want to recycle. If you want to keep your filter from getting wet again, don’t use a damp cloth.

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Cover your Brita filter with a plastic bag.

After you clean your Brita maxtra cartridges, make sure no more dirt gets in. To ensure this, put your Brita filter in a plastic bag. 

When recycling more than one filter, put each one in its plastic bag. Doing this can stop pollutants from getting from one filter to another. Make sure the mouth of the plastic bag is also tied.

ways to reuse and recycle Brita filters

  • Sign in to Brita. If you don’t already have a Brita account, you must first make one. Go to the Brita recycling website and enter your information to sign up. You don’t have to pay anything to use this method, which could help you win prizes. But even if you don’t sign up for a Brita account, you can still send filters directly.
  • Whether you sign up on the Brita website or in person, this is the step where you send your filter. Put your filter in a box that can be sent. Your filter should be sealed inside a box for shipping.
  • Fill out the shipping form on the website if you have a Brita account to get your shipping label. Then you’ll get a label to put on the package. You can still get your shipping label even if you don’t have a Brita account. You can make an account and print a shipping label from the main page.

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