What Are the Different Types of Main Door Handle?

Main door handle

People frequently alter the general style of main doors During renovation. But many people have never considered how expensive that is. What if we told you there was a less expensive way to enhance the look of your main door without sacrificing your budget? 

The answer is straightforward: spend money on high-quality and stylish door handles. If your main door is solid, appears, and doesn’t require any repairs, add a new Main door handle. So If you want to add a door handle, you come to the right place. 

Here we show some best of the best main door handles design. Check the below information for your new door handle.

The main door handles types : 

1. Crafted antique handle 

Adding a crafted antique handle on your door will give it a vintage appearance if you want to give it that aspect. It looks best if you have a wooden main door. 

It gives a traditional appearance to your door. And it comes in various shapes like curved and circular, even though sometimes some unique designs are available on this handle. 

2. Classic door handle 

Adding a classic door handle to your main door is one of the finest ways to make your entrance look cozier and more inviting. 

This type’s primary door handle types also give your door a sophisticated appearance. They come in mostly rectangular or circular shapes. Sometimes it will also be available in an uneven shape. It gives a contrast effect to your main door. 

3. Ethnic pattern door handle 

Some people like traditional main door handle designs over contemporary ones. Ethnic pattern handles would be the ideal option for such a market from an artistic standpoint. 

This particular design incorporates conventional Indian artwork. And also gives it an aged appearance.

4. Ornamental door handles

In the 1990s, these decorative handles gained popularity due to their presentation in several films. They have come in a variety of patterns. 

They are with animal themes. This is the most popular theme. It features an animal’s face. Also, it is carved on a hefty metallic ring that serves as the structure for the handles. The metallic ring is used to make a door-hitting sound.

5. Wooden door handle 

Sometimes simplicity attracts more attention than fashion does. So many creative, elegant door handles are available for your main door. 

The wooden door handle is simple to operate. They have a solid grasp that eventually contributes to safety and fit perfectly. It gives a little more gloss to your wooden door. 

6. Statement door handle 

Why not choose a statement door handle personalized to your tastes rather than investing hundreds of dollars on a new door?

These trendy handles are also widely available in the market. While these doors are not inexpensive but designing a single door is a much more expensive option.

Modern door handle

The main door handle is the first thing visitors will see when they arrive at your home. Thus it must be designed with modern functionality.

Therefore, it’s important to make a great first impression. There are so many textured modern door handles available in Solver. It looks great. You can also play with longer handle patterns for an impressive approach.

1. Glass door handles : 

The ideal aspect of a glass door is glass door handles. Various linear and more aesthetically pleasing shapes are available in glass door handles. They look Elegant and brilliantly reflect your glass door design. It looks like a great choice. 

2. Sliding door handles 

Sliding doors require straightforward linear handles that are simple to operate when entering and exiting the room. Choose sliding doors that are made up of glass or brass. 

Also, it’s matched your door color. So it gives a simple look to your home. Sometimes a simple look gives a better impact than a fashionable one.


There are various types of main door handles available in the market. It can enhance the appearance of your main door without spending too much money on renovation. 

Antique, classic, ethnic patterns, ornamental, wooden, statement, modern, glass, and sliding door handles are popular. Crafted antique handles give a vintage look. Classic and ethnic pattern handles give a sophisticated and traditional appearance. 

And Ornamental handles offer simplicity and elegance. Statement handles are personalized to suit your tastes – and modern handles offer functionality and style. 

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